Functionality under the three-dot menu with a new option/action: "Duplicate Document."
This would create a duplicate/copy of the document in the same location, either prompting the user to provide a new file name, or naming the file "Original Name (Copy)" where the user can manually rename.
From User: Tim A.:
Also, it would be great to have a simple "duplicate document" feature for creating a copy of a document within the same folder (word doc to word doc, for example) and automatically getting a prompt to rename it. Currently, the process is: (1) select file, (2) copy, (3) paste, (4) receive the "duplicate item found" warning with option to rename and paste, (5) when option is clicked, file is renamed automatically with "(Copy 1)" at the end of the file name (there is no option to enter custom file name), (6) locate the automatically renamed file, and (7) rename the file with the desired file name. We frequently create new documents from old ones, so this would be a very helpful feature to make the process go more quickly.