As an alternative to my earlier post about launcher inactivity (see, it would be great to glance at the launcher menu bar icon (at the top of the screen on Mac, bottom of the screen on Windows, I think) and see that a recently saved or closed document is causing the launcher to sync. This is the same idea as when Apple Time Machine is running or when OneDrive is syncing -- the menu bar icon changes to show that syncing is taking place. Currently, you can click on the launcher menu bar icon on Mac and a window with a log of recently synced documents will appear. The window even includes documents that are currently syncing, which is great. However, without clicking on the menu bar icon, you don't really know if the sync is happening. This feature request is simply to have the menu bar icon change during syncing to show that syncing is happening, which can reassure the user that changes are not being lost. If the user wants more details, they can click on the icon to get the drop down window. The sync icon could look something like the attached image.