Functionality where users can click to generate an email address for any given matter, thereby "mail-enabling" that matter. Example:
Emails sent to this address will be automatically saved and filed within that matter. This presents two new sets of functionality (use cases).
Currently, the only way to save outbound/outgoing emails to a matter is to browse to your Sent Items (after the email has been sent), click the email, then use the LexWorkplace add-in to save the email to a matter. In this new functionality, users can simply add the matter's unique email address to the CC (or BCC) field of an email.
By adding a matter's email address to the CC field of an email, that email will be automatically saved and filed to the appropriate matter in LexWorkplace. What's more, as other parties (including outside parties) reply to the email, future replies and messages in the email conversation will thereby be automatically saved to a matter.